How Are We Funded?

The Actions of a Few Help Benefit Everyone.

Did you know not a single penny of the Arizona general tax funds is used to pay for the ongoing efforts of the Arizona Game and Fish Department?

It’s true. The department receives no Arizona general tax funds. In large part, department funding to support wildlife management and recreation is possible because of discretionary spending by the public on purchases including licenses, tags or stamps, and via a federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition.

Simply put, the actions of a few benefit all of Arizona. Now imagine the possibilities with everyone’s involvement.

Actions of Few

Hunters — The Original Conservationists.


Arizona hunters are among the largest contributors to the conservation of our state’s wildlife and resources. In fact, early conservation efforts were developed by sportsmen more than 100 years ago. Today, those same principles provide the foundation to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the efforts of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Through a percentage of an excise tax on firearms and ammunition, participants have raised nearly $240 million in Wildlife Restoration Funds for Arizona’s wildlife conservation efforts since 1939. Arizona’s hunters and sport-shooting participants continue to provide key funding for the Department.

Sportsmen’s Contributions to Arizona’s Economy*

$1.2 billion/yr

Spent by Sportsmen in AZ

18,200 jobs


$3.4 million/day

Daily Economic Stimulus

*Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, 2013 Sportsmen’s Economic Impact Report- Arizona